Agnus Dei Lutheran Church Fredericksburg, VA

A Traditional Lutheran Church in Spotsylvania, Massaponax, & Fredericksburg, Virginia Area

Liturgical, Traditional, Confessional

Those looking for a traditional Lutheran church in the Spotsylvania & Fredericksburg Virginia area will find one here at Agnus Dei. While many modern Lutherans pursue various religious fads, you will find at this place a liturgical, reverent, consistent, orthodox, and Bible-based practice and teaching. We believe in the Bible to be the inspired(2 Tim 3:16) Living(Heb 4:12) Word of God. We also recognize Luther's Small Catechism and the Book of Concord to be in accordance with the Word of God. Since we are a family-sized church, the pastor and everyone will quickly know your name!

Temporary Change due to Coronavirus 

The Commonwealth of Virginia has declared an emergency and various educational facilities are closing for a time. We ARE affected by the restrictions now in place. Agnus Dei Lutheran Church will NOT meet at Germanna Community College in Massaponax for a very long time (until Winter or Spring of 2021).  Instead, the service will be available through Google Meet. Call the church number to make arrangements to be included as part of the service and receive an invite code. We are therefore searching for a new location to meet which has more flexibility

Church Time 
We meet Sunday mornings at 9:00am for Divine Service and ~10:45 for Bible Study. 

Free Prayer Activity

Free Prayer with Pastor Shaw

The Pastor on most days is out early--meeting with people at work or 
as they prepare for the day at local food
establishments. He will pray with whomever God chooses to send by--for needs great and small. Let's not forget prayers of thanksgiving too.

Sunday Bible/Religious Information Class
The adult topic will vary from week to week and can be topical or a verse-by-verse or chapter-by-chapter study of a book from the Bible. We are currently surveying the Bible continuing with a book that deals with the beginning of the Christian Church: The Book of Acts. The study is bringing up a wide variety of contemporary issues and their biblical sources. We always address any timely questions from the congregation too--making application of God's Word to daily life. Please join us and bring along a Bible if you have one. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday School

The children learn traditional Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments using the very Lutheran curriculum from  Pax Domini Press, as well as memorization of Luther's Small Catechism and hymns out of the Lutheran Service Book (hymnal) that will last them a lifetime. The content is not dumbed-down but challenges the children to know their Bibles and the one true God who created them and saved them. 

The Pastor

Pastor James R Shaw serves as the pastor as the congregation grows in the one true Christian faith. He has completed an intensive 4-year Masters of Divinity program through Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. He also is currently winding down work with Walther Theological Seminary in Decatur, IL  where he served as Vice President of Administration CIO/CTO and taught online seminary classes on church history, Lutheran theology, and ethics. He currently is working intensely on an undisclosed project to benefit the church at large.

The Congregation

The congregation is composed of families with small children and empty-nesters. The church size is small enough that you won't get lost and personal attention can be given to each member and family. It is also home-school, public school, and private school friendly. God is blessing the humble efforts of a small group of dedicated individuals. Come visit. Come see for yourself what God the Holy Spirit is doing at this faithful church in the Fredericksburg/ Spotsylvania area.

More Info

Please continue to check back for the latest information. You can also give us a call at  540.446.0777
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