Friends of Agnus Dei

We have the opportunity to let people know about people, websites, and businesses that we may recommend. While to the best of our knowledge these people are trustworthy of consideration, we recommend that one do due diligence in researching these sites, people, and businesses. -Pastor


Upper Cervical Care Center of Fredericksburg

Specializing in gently manipulating the key vertebrae of the spine-- an aid in treating a variety of conditions, helping to reduce pain, overcome injury, speed recovery, and improve overall health.

Other Service Groups

Moms of Fredericksburg

A diverse information and service resource for moms in the greater Fredericksburg region including Spotsylvania County.


Lutheran Service Groups

Lutheran Heritage Foundation

Translating Luther's Small Catechism and many other books for the purpose of teaching God's Word to people in more than 70 countries and 90 languages.