Agnus Dei Videos

We run into some good videos that reflect the practice and thinking of like-minded confessional Lutheran churches.

Music for the Christmas Season

Sacred Music for the Christmas Season from Lutheran Public Radio 12/24-12/25/2011

From Grace-LCMS Tulsa, OK

Stability in an Unstable World

Loving The Liturgy

Making The Change

A Diverse Family

Other Sources

The Lutheran Satire youtube channel contains a number of creative videos that are written in a satirical style. We recognize that not all people can handle this style of writing and presentation, so we give you fair warning here before you click on any of the links below and perhaps are offended. Our thanks to Hans Fiene for the work put forth in preparing these tools of learning for the faithful.

Super True Stories: Paul's Baptism Oopsie (Episode One)

Things Your Lutheran Pastor Totally Loves: Quick Questions (Episode One)

Worship, Hymnody, Church Music, Doctrine, History, etc.

Reverent Worship video promo

The Book of Concord

Luther before the Diet at Worms, 1521

Lutheran Men's Voice - I Leave all things to God's Direction From India: Lutheran/Christian Hymnody that transcends culture and geography.

Toute Chair Fera Silence - LCL 523 (Let all mortal flesh keep silent (in French) From Congo: Note how the videographer puts the emphasis on the cross and altar rather than the choir.

Disclaimer: Not all of the images and text found in the above videos completely reflect the doctrine and practice at Agnus Dei (though much of what one finds there we would agree with). Those wanting more information and clarification should consult with the pastor.