J.S. Bach Played Here

Virginia has a wonderful and longstanding history. There are places whose only claim to fame is a famous person slept overnight, shared a meal, or gave a great speech from the steps of an ordinary building.

That tradition continues at Agnus Dei Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg. The great Lutheran composer Johann Sebastian Bach’s music is played in this church every Sunday. Why would they do that since Bach composed his last piece of music in 1750?

The people of Agnus Dei believe and have heard by experience that a church’s music often and very closely reflects the theology and practice in that place. If on the one hand the people sing doctrinally shallow words with catchy but otherwise unsophisticated music, the teaching will reflect that.

If on the other hand, the words sung are doctrinally rich–overflowing with God’s Word and the music is sufficiently complex to stimulate the heart and mind to seek God and to altruistically serve his fellow man, then that teaching and practice will serve to help God’s people there to grow in the one true Christian faith.

J.S. Bach himself may not play there every Sunday, but his music lives on and is played every Sunday by gifted musicians for the spiritual enrichment and growth of God’s people—His church.

For those looking for a church where the music and teaching is not dumbed-down and the focus of the worship time is on God and His Living Word and not man, come visit Agnus Dei Lutheran Church. There one will find a place where all God’s people from every age will participate in a worship service that reaches all generations using words and music that has calmed troubled hearts, enlivened hurting spirits and stimulated to greatness lost and misguided souls who are seeking a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with the One True God.

Agnus Dei Lutheran Church is a new startup congregation in the Spotsylvania/ Massaponax/ Fredericksburg area that is seeking to bring together gifted classically trained musicians and just plain ordinary people who seek quality in the things of God and in the teaching of His church. If you would like to participate in or support this effort, please click one of the links below.

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