Lutherans in Crisis

An Overview of the Challenges that Face Lutherans Today

The Lutheran Church was born out of great turmoil in the early 16th century. As one looks at the history, one finds a continued healthy struggle to proclaim the truth of God's Living Word in the Bible amidst a world that tolerates error and welcomes compromise.

Lutherans are passionate about doctrine which explains the many splits and mergers that have occurred over the centuries in America and round the world. We list below for the reader who wants to be informed--various blogs, papers, and web sites that describe the varied approaches and positions taken by well-meaning Lutherans who have a distinct (though often overlapping) Lutheran identity, theology, and practice.

Most of these sources will reflect the more traditional approach one will find at Agnus Dei. It is a doctrine and practice most closely aligned with the original founders of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod (C.F.W. Walther, Francis Pieper, and others).

Agnus Dei was formed out of a desire to leave much of the fighting over doctrine behind by forming a much more unified group of Lutherans. Our experience is that desire for diverse theological thought and practice has a negative impact on truth and unity.

In a rather unique way, the members of Agnus Dei recognize that The Lutheran Faith is the widest and broadest minded of all churches because it accepts all truth. At the same time, they recognize The Lutheran Church is the narrowest minded of all churches in that it accepts no error.

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What's Going on in Our Synod? (Chart-PDF)

Of Diversity and the Use of Statistics in Worship By David Berger

Because I Care Packet - Pilgrim Lutheran Church Decatur, IL (PDF)

Final Report on the Six Points of Dissent - Trinity Lutheran Church Herrin, IL (PDF)

The LCMS—Its Past and Future by Dr. Wallace Schulz

C.F.W. Walther's 13 theses on Closed Communion

Theses on evangelism by Pastor Robin Fish

Doctrinal Integrity And Outreach Within The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod by Wohlrabe (1 mb PDF)

Playing the Pharisee Card by Todd Wilken (PDF)

Time to Move on by Rev. Richard Bolland

In Defense of Historical Worship by Sean L. Rippy

Lutheran Clarion

ACELC Documents

Ablaze Theology Examined

Ablaze!®, the Movement by David Berger

Accountability and Faithfulness in Reaching the Lost by Newton

Response to Newton's Paper

Web Sites

Rev. David Jay Weber's Lutheran Theology Site*


Aardvark Alley*

Ask The Pastor

Augsburg 1530

Cleaving the Darkness

Extreme Theology

Rev. Cwirla's blog

Stand Firm

* These sites are a treasure trove of confessional Lutheran Blog lists and sites.

Disclaimer: Not all of the comments found in the above papers reflect the doctrine and practice at Agnus Dei (though much of what one finds there we would agree with). Those wanting more information and clarification should consult with the pastor.